Monday, October 10, 2011

Don't call it a comeback! Well, really, you can call it whatever you want to!

We are back!  It's wierd/ridiculous that we took about 7 months off from if anyone out there gets this message, I'm sorry.  But, please don't despair, I am back in the saddle and promise to update this blog every hour on the hour for the rest of my life!!  Okay, not really, but I am going to dedicate more time and energy into this blog as Lisa and I still believe it is a great way to keep people up to date on our adoption process and our life in general.

So, what's up with our adoption you might be asking?  Well, it is the fall and we've been praying for a fall baby, so that lifts our spirits.  The adoption agency in Tulsa has put a hold on accepting new prospective adoptive families for the time being which means our book will not be buried under a bunch of new books from other families.  We have two books in circulation with the agency and both of these facts mean our book should be viewed more and more.  So, please be praying:
1) for the right birth mom to see our book
2) for the health of the birth mom and baby who we eventually get matched with
3) patience, faith and encouragement for me and Lisa
4) the financial side of the adoption as we are still trying to raise funds
5) Campbell Jane as a big sister

We did get a call from the adoption agency last week about a possible birth mom who contacted them.  The birth mom isn't at the agency yet...but they did ask us about showing her our book.  We said hopefully the birthmom follows through on her plans to work with the agency and our prayers are that if this is the birthmom God wants to pick us, then she will like our book!  That's a big prayer, so thank you for joining with us!