Saturday, December 25, 2010


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  It's Christmas morning!  We love all of you and are so thankful for our family and friends!  This is just a humble blog, but it's gonna be my platform to share a reminder regarding the birth of Jesus.  Jesus is our Savior.  I don't think we consider that enough.  Say it to your self a couple times "I have a Savior".  Then ask yourself.."Do I know him?"  The real gift this day and everyday is the hope of a Savior.  Without him, we have no hope.  We love you and hope you will take a minute to share this truth with others today and everyday!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

S is for 'SPARKLE'

and for SHOPPING for Christmas! 
Please hit the 'Sparkle' logo link on our page (to the right) and check out our friend Clare and her site on "ETSY" for encouragement totes...aka...hope totes.  These are hand made by our friend in Buena Vista and they are awesome.  It's a great Christmas gift.  Since they are hand made, please place your order no later than Dec 12th so she has time to make them.  After the 12th you'll be too late for Christmas, but sales after Christmas will still help our adoption.  She's partnered with us so 10% of each sale's proceeds that comes via our blog will send $$ to our adoption.  She and her family are also matching the funds that come through the sales of her totes. 

We are so blessed by the incredble support we've received from near and far!  Soooooo.......while your browsing...don't forget to check out the 'CritterMeds' link over there too.  That is another friend of ours in the pet supply business.  If your getting gifts for your furry family members, look at what they have. makes a warm gift...there's still time to order coffee via 'Just love coffee'.  Again, please use the links via our blog.  That's the only way we can get the credit.  Thanks to everyone making coffee orders...Just Love Coffee has poured in almost $400 so far!

Please keep praying for us as we are pushing through the preplacement adoption process.  That means paperwork, conversations and even more prayer.  God is faithful!!

It's Pearl Harbor Day

Read this.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving, weddings and Decembbuurrr!

Good morning to all!  I can hardly believe how much has happened the past couple weeks.  It seems so short for all that's unfolded for us.  Lisa and CJ and I had a great post-Lisa b-day stretch right into Thanksgiving.  That included saying good-bye to the Steckman's who sadly are moving back to Virginia, but we've been so blessed by their friendship and time in BV.  We will miss them. 

Thanksgiving was awesome!  We went to warm(er) Denver and enjoyed great food and company with Mike & Crystal Delehoz and their daughter Mia Grace.  Mike and Crystal are former Ranch guides and good friends with roots in Ft Worth, but recently moved to Denver.  Mike volunteered for dawn patrol the day after Thanksgiving driving me to the airport at 4:30am. I caught a flight to Grand Rapids, MI to officiate the wedding of John Balmat and Christina Jagatic.  It was my first wedding to officiate and it was awesome. 

Honestly, I can think of no more honoring of a time than to be asked to officiate the wedding of a good friend.  John and Christina, if you read this, please know how HONORED I felt to have this role in your wedding and THANK YOU for asking me to serve in that way.  John & Christina had a beautiful wedding.

I also got some great time with the Michigan WR crew, which honestly I don't see enough of their happy and fun faces! 

Returning to BV was good, always great to hug and kiss Lisa and Campbell Jane.  The temps are dropping so winter is grabbing hold of us.  No big snow dumps yet, but it's coming.  Bought a new snow shovel...just need my shoulder to feel better...thankfully I don't need surgery.  Just physical therapy for an enflamed tendon in my rotator cuff. 

Lotsa love to you all!  Merry Christmas and have the best day in the Lord today!