Monday, February 20, 2012

love, love, love

Hey you all, we've been busy and going full speed! 
In late January, we went to Orlando, FL with Young Life for the occasion of the all-staff once-every-four years celebration!  We took Van and had a great week of bonding, re-learning how to parent a new-born and believe it or not, we got some much needed rest!  We loved being in Florida, so warm, great friends and a lot of fun.  But we couldn't wait to get back to Colorado!  Even though Colorado's not warm in January...but we wanted to get back to Campbell and finally get our family of four all together.  It was so great to finally have our little foursome together under one roof and to figure out our lives together!  We love it!  It's crazy, and hard, and fun and we are learning so much and getting stressed out and seeing God's mercy and feels like life!  And speaking of life, we are reminded every day how special every life is.  Life is such a precious gift!  And Van is embracing life.  He is healthy, growing, and developing on track.  Campbell is a great big sister!  She loves her baby brother and we love him and her!  We had a fun Valentine's day.  Izzy and CJ went to a daddy/daughter dance at Trail West and had a special time.  Izzy & Lisa got a sitter and enjoyed dinner and a movie.  We are so blessed!  Thank you so much for all your prayers, encouragements and friendships!  Love, love, love!