Monday, February 20, 2012

love, love, love

Hey you all, we've been busy and going full speed! 
In late January, we went to Orlando, FL with Young Life for the occasion of the all-staff once-every-four years celebration!  We took Van and had a great week of bonding, re-learning how to parent a new-born and believe it or not, we got some much needed rest!  We loved being in Florida, so warm, great friends and a lot of fun.  But we couldn't wait to get back to Colorado!  Even though Colorado's not warm in January...but we wanted to get back to Campbell and finally get our family of four all together.  It was so great to finally have our little foursome together under one roof and to figure out our lives together!  We love it!  It's crazy, and hard, and fun and we are learning so much and getting stressed out and seeing God's mercy and feels like life!  And speaking of life, we are reminded every day how special every life is.  Life is such a precious gift!  And Van is embracing life.  He is healthy, growing, and developing on track.  Campbell is a great big sister!  She loves her baby brother and we love him and her!  We had a fun Valentine's day.  Izzy and CJ went to a daddy/daughter dance at Trail West and had a special time.  Izzy & Lisa got a sitter and enjoyed dinner and a movie.  We are so blessed!  Thank you so much for all your prayers, encouragements and friendships!  Love, love, love!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

wow...Jan 22nd

hey all four of you or fourteen or forty!?  Anyways, we are closing in on wrapping up our first week back in BV.  It has been a great week.  We are starting to get into a routine at home with Van and Campbell Jane.  Lisa's mom is here and she has been a tremendous help.  Lisa and I are remembering all the newborn realities and even picking up some of the good old practices that bring back fun memories of when CJ was born.  Of course, when you're sleep deprived...if you can remember anything, then that is fun.
We had Van's first Dr's appt on Wed.  He had a really healthy check-up and the Dr was so great and encouraging.  Van weighed 7 lb 10oz.  That is a 1lb 8oz gain from his lowest weight a little after he was born.
This was also a big weekend for Wilderness Ranch as we selected our 2012 guide class.  So, on top of all the other moving parts in our life....we had to pause for about 36 hours and focus on the process that selects the new guides at WR.  Wow.  God is so good.  Thank you Jesus!

Monday, January 16, 2012

home at last, home at last, thank God almighty, we are home at last!

(loosely borrowed from MLK Jr on MLK Jr Day).

Yes, the Ismert family is home.  Back in BV.  Back in the mountains.  All four of us.  Praise God.  We drove from Ft Worth to BV all in one long, long day.  We pulled in at 9:04pm...making Izzy the winner of the 'when will we get there' time guessing game.  I guess 8:57, Lisa guessed 9:06 and Lisa's mom (Mudge...who road tripped with us!) guessed 9:15.  The closest without going over is the winner!

Anyways...thanks for the prayers, support, flowers and groceries!  We love you all!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

every day is a day closer

Greetings!  I know it's been a little while since the last update.  I'd love to say that we are on our way home to Colorado.  But we aren't.  We are still in Ft Worth and still waiting for the state of Texas to approve our paperwork, allowing us to head back to the mountains.  However, we are so blessed to be staying with family and our time in Ft Worth has been very full.  We are bonding with Van and our little family is starting to feel more and more exactly the way it should.  We are so thankful for each you and how God is using you in our lives.  We are convinced now more than ever that this journey and all the miracles we've seen are representative of the larger network of loved ones who are praying and doing so much to help.  We are humbled and forever grateful. 

When we look at Van, it is really looking at a miracle.  One glance powerfully reminds us of God's goodness, mercy and grace.  I'm talking big picture stuff.  Not just goodness to me and Lisa and CJ, but grace and mercy to every human being created and walking on this earth.  Everyone, past, present and future.  Life is a gift.  Of course, we see this when we look at Campbell Jane and know other parents see this and really everyone just seems to be easier to see in children.  I just wish we saw this reality in everyone of any age we see and encounter.  This type of lens is what I am grateful for today.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Van in Cow town

Good morning...the blur that is our life right now is so fun...and fast...and full of surprises!  We made it back to Ft Worth late Wednesday night.  We spent yesterday just trying to set up a 'home base' for us at Lisa's mom & dad's house.  We have been here two nights so far and will be here until we get the green light from the state of Texas that we can head home to Colorado.  Thanks for your prayers! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

she signed!

Great news!  Van's birthmom made it to the adoption agency this am and signed the necessary paperwork that moves the adoption process forward!  Praise God!  This is huge and we are celebrating!  We anticipate being able to leave Amarillo for Ft Worth this afternoon.  We want to say a giant THANK YOU to all the people in Amarillo who have helped us.  Especially the Mason family.  Donny and Lisa have been tremendous in opening up their home and we've been very comfortable here and felt like family.  Also a great thank you to Joel Mason and Julia Halliburton for just being there to talk with and pray together and add some Wilderness Ranch community to this special time.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

His name is...

Van Woodson Ismert
Van means 'God is gracious'
Woodson means 'son of the creator'

We both love the name and can't wait for you all to meet Van.  Thanks for being patient with us as we really prayed and discussed for many hours what to name our son. 
Regarding the adoption PROCESS...we are still in Amarillo and waiting for the birth mom to arrive at the adoption agency to sign the legal papers waiving her parental rights.  That is a huge step and I wish I could say it had already happened...but as of right now...the birth mom hasn't arrived at the agency.  Once she signs those papers the adoption process can make tremendous strides forward and we will be able to head on down to Ft Worth and await with family for the court order allowing us to go home to Colorado.  Best guess at this point is a 2 week time frame for that to happen.
love you all and PLEASE keep praying!  There are many more miracles ahead of us in this story...thank you for your encouragment and support!!