Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday for Lisa and that is good!

Man, was I moody last week.  It could have been because my shoulder has been killing me ever since a rather bumpy landing on a slippery boat dock in Malibu Canada at the managers meeting.  I did blame the time change several times...who would have thought an extra hour of sleep would be so tough to handle?  I did go Dwight Schrute on our baby stroller...that was really bad.  Some guy in Minnesota via Ebay got my 1st edition/1st printing "Band of Brothers" w/Ambrose autograph + signed by 4 Easy company vets to pay for a new stroller. 
But, here's what is good!  Lisa and I had the best time on Sunday night in Glenwood Springs!  We stayed at the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge for Lisa's birthday!  We both realized while sitting in the 104 degree hot springs pool, with the evening snow dumping on us, staring at the rising steam that we were having one of the best evenings we've had in a long time!  The lodge was great, the massage was relaxing and Lisa felt very celebrated! 
Her actual birthday is tomorrow so give her a call!  Like John Balmat said, Happy 26th birthday, Lisa!!
And I just want to say, much love to my sweet and wonderful wife!

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