Thursday, February 17, 2011

This one is for Benji !

Things have been rather busy in the Ismert world the last 4 weeks.  We've selected guides for Wilderness Ranch, we've coordinated a wedding, we've been to Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California and back.  We've stepped in the Pacific Ocean and breezed through the Bellagio.  I even shoveled a little snow. 

But, rather than have you try to put the pieces together of all our comings and goings, let's just talk about the pieces of our adoption that are coming together in so many exciting ways!  First of all, we have moved through the pre-placement phase of the adoption process and we've sent off our 'lifebook' to the adoption agency in Tulsa.  So, as I type this, a birth-mom could be looking at our book and considering us as the family to adopt her child.

And speaking of pieces, we've had so much fun selling puzzle pieces.  That's right,  we 'borrowed' the idea to sell pieces to a 500 piece puzzle for $5 each (which should raise $2500).  We've had tremendous response and have sold in the neighborhood of 400 pieces already!  We might have to get a 600 piece puzzle!  The idea is to write on the back of each puzzle piece the name of the person who 'bought it' and then when baby #2 is old enough, we'll put the puzzle together and talk about their adoption and see the names of all the people who supported us.  It will be a great way to talk about adoption and to be reminded of how God used so many people to partner with us in this journey.

Speaking of partners in this adoption, we are so thankful for you all!  We have been and continue to be overwhelmed by the prayers, encouragement and support of all of you.  We are definitely not alone in this effort and that is probably the biggest blessing of them all.  We love you all!

p.s. If you want to buy a puzzle piece(s) then just mail a check for how many you want to us at PO Box 1274 Buena Vista, CO 81211.

Thank you!  We have raised by the power and mercy of God about $9000 and hope to raise another $4000.  Talk to you soon, I really do plan/want/need to update this blog more often, so don't give up on checking it!

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  1. That is wonderful news. I think your puzzle will be an amazing gift for the child someday. Is there anyway to view the puzzle (the picture) out of curiosity?