Wednesday, January 4, 2012

she signed!

Great news!  Van's birthmom made it to the adoption agency this am and signed the necessary paperwork that moves the adoption process forward!  Praise God!  This is huge and we are celebrating!  We anticipate being able to leave Amarillo for Ft Worth this afternoon.  We want to say a giant THANK YOU to all the people in Amarillo who have helped us.  Especially the Mason family.  Donny and Lisa have been tremendous in opening up their home and we've been very comfortable here and felt like family.  Also a great thank you to Joel Mason and Julia Halliburton for just being there to talk with and pray together and add some Wilderness Ranch community to this special time.

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  1. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful boy!! We are so excited for y'all. We are in Colorado now and were hoping to visit y'all this weekend, but looks like you are gonna be busy in Texas!! We will have to catch up with y'all and Van next time. Love your family! Contact us on Rachaels phone if you get a chance.
    Jeremy and Rachael James