Tuesday, January 3, 2012

His name is...

Van Woodson Ismert
Van means 'God is gracious'
Woodson means 'son of the creator'

We both love the name and can't wait for you all to meet Van.  Thanks for being patient with us as we really prayed and discussed for many hours what to name our son. 
Regarding the adoption PROCESS...we are still in Amarillo and waiting for the birth mom to arrive at the adoption agency to sign the legal papers waiving her parental rights.  That is a huge step and I wish I could say it had already happened...but as of right now...the birth mom hasn't arrived at the agency.  Once she signs those papers the adoption process can make tremendous strides forward and we will be able to head on down to Ft Worth and await with family for the court order allowing us to go home to Colorado.  Best guess at this point is a 2 week time frame for that to happen.
love you all and PLEASE keep praying!  There are many more miracles ahead of us in this story...thank you for your encouragment and support!!

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