Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Promises Promises

well, Lisa and I and Campbell Jane are loading up for another trip.  Heading to Texas and all points in between! Lisa made me promise that we'd go to Schlotzsky's at least once and I counter-promised to her that we'd go to Whataburger at least once.  Now that's good marital communications. 

But more than just planning our fast food future, there's been some great encouragement on our family future!  We received our first check from 'Just Love Coffee' and for the month of September, and enough people purchased coffee that we received a $221.00 check to go towards our adoption!!  Thank you everyone who purchased coffee from the site.  I've often said that if the gov't ever made caffeine illegal Wilderness Ranch wouldn't operate, but I guess if that ever does happen then...well I don't even want to think about it.

Also, we are one of two families that are applying for a grant from 'CARES'.  This is a Colorado agency that distributes funds twice a year for adoptive families. The grant is for between $100 and $4,000.  Please keep praying for favor with this grant.

And, in addition to Just Love Coffee, another business "Critter Meds" is also contributing to our adoption a percentage of their sales.  Please note their logo on the right.  If you need pet medicines and other pet related goodies...please check out the site.  It is a small business started by some good friends of ours in Ft Worth.  Jay & Mandy are great folks with a sweet family and they really care about animals and you'll know that if you get to talking to them.

Finally, keep checking out the blog.  There is another business we have heard from that is getting set up to partner with our adoption funding.  It isn't finalized yet, but keep back often, especially as we near the Christmas season, as great gifts can be found on this companies website.

So, wow.  Lisa and CJ and I are so overwhelmed it's almost unspeakable.  God is so good.  Just to have people be so generous and supportive.  Why are finances such a step of faith every time we venture outside of the so-called realities of our checkbook when it comes to things the Lord is leading in?  I know how excited Lisa and I get when we can fund others in ministry and in times of need.  We love it!  I try to keep that in mind as folks talk to us about money.  We have folks in our lives who are sincerely thrilled to give where the Lord directs them. As humbling as it is for me to be on the receiving end..I know this is God's hand and plan for us and for our future child and Campbell's future little brother or sister.  THANK YOU!!

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