Monday, October 18, 2010

Wings and Stitches and Houston Texas baby!

hey hey from hot H-town! We have confirmed that Houston is far!  But worth the drive.  Our fun here started late Sat night as we rolled in got some shut eye and hit Sunday hard.   The guys watched the Texans game on the big screen at Wings-n-more (and they won!) then it was some Halo (thanks David).  The girls had to cram for an Anthropologie final but they survived.  We all met up at Bethany and David's new house for dinner and Ismert family time. 

Everyone was very impressed to see Campbell's stitches.  We are working on getting some pics on the blog, but be prepared, the pics are a little much for folks with sensitive stomachs.  (CJ looks like a cage fighter!).  You see, Campbell got off balance on a little chair she was sitting in and tumbled into the corner of the fireplace.  That resulted in a quick trip to the medical clinic in BV, 3 stitches in her forehead and a new experience in parenting for me and Lisa.  I'm sure we'll never forget that morning, although it seems that Campbell has already forgot all about it. She'll get a sure reminder today as we have an appt. to get her stitches out this afternoon in Houston. 

be safe out there!

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