Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lisa publishes books, Izzy pours concrete

Lisa finished our life book (it's like a photo album on steriods) that birth moms look at when they are working on their adoption plan.  It's a big help for prospective parents like us to show what kind of people and family would be caring for and raising the baby being considered for adoption.

Way to go Lisa...the book looks great!!  We also mailed off yesterday our grant application with a group in Pagosa Springs.  It's called "CARE". 

Meanwhile, I set some posts and poured concrete to hold them as the big fence repair project is finally starting to approach being finished.  I really prefer dragging out home projects for many months...over a year is really good!  This fence fell down (thanks Gabe Temple) last November. 

So, dear friends and family...please spread the word about our blog, share any advice or suggestions,
thanks for reading!!  God Bless You!

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