Thursday, September 30, 2010

love to the 10th degree

So, the Ismert fam is trucking on along...blogging from the romantic and exotic upper Mid-West...Findlay Ohio!  Today is the 10 year anniversary of when Lisa and I got hitched...holla if you were there!!!  Ridglea United Methodist Church, Fort Worth TX 9/30/2000!  When we got to the wedding reception, the marquee sign said "Congratulations Imserts!"  and Lisa laughingly said "hey Izzy, they misspelled your name", and I remarked, "no sweetie, they misspelled your name!"  It was a good party....

So, we are taking our 10 year anniversary trip with Campbell and a 15 year old suburban and seeing the heartland!  We had a fantastic stay with Carolyn (my sister) in Chicago...and now are with  Sarah (Lisa's sister) and her hubby and kiddos in Findlay.  We did catch a Cubs game at Wrigley...they lost.  The Cubs are such total losers and so are all their fans!  (except for you Jonny West :) if your reading)

Quick adoption update!  Our grant application has been received by the CARE agency in Pagosa Springs.  We should know their decision regarding grant money sometime in October.  And folks are still buying coffee so THANK YOU!!  Please keep checking the blog as a couple other small businesses are going to be featured as they are sharing revenues from purchases and supporting our adoption finances.

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