Sunday, January 1, 2012

CJ loves horses!

We were so happy to include a trip to Tulsa on our way to Texas for Christmas.  Campbell Jane was born in Tulsa and we had a evening planned with the birth mom and birth grandmom to have dinner together and get reacquainted.  They had not seen Campbell in two years.  We had a great night at "Grandma Jan's" horse property south of Tulsa.  CJ just loves horses and was so excited to look at all the horses and see the stables.  CJ's birthmom, Cory, was so nice and easy to be around.  She is just wonderful and it was great to see her baby pictures and marvel at how much CJ looks like her.  Just re-connecting with them has helped our communication with them so much and we hope that Cory can make it out to Wilderness Ranch sometime this summer!

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