Sunday, January 1, 2012

gone since November

howdy friends...thanks for your patience with this attempt at blogging.  I wanted to jump on my New Years Resolution to blog a lot more.  So, it's Jan 1 and blog #1 for the year.  And boy, it's gonna be good.  My last blog post was all about my sister and her husband and their impending adoption.  Well, great news!  The little baby boy was born on 11/3 and he is healthy and the adoption has been going great.  We got to meet little Eli Cameron on Dec 26th when my family got together for Christmas.  He is so special and wonderful and we love him!  Catherine and Eric are wonderful parents who have alot of transition in their lives....they are in the process of moving back to Houston as well as being first time parents.  Please keep them in your prayers!!

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